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Melo takes $124 million for the team
Carmelo Anthony has been one of the more polarizing figures in New York sports over the past three years. At the beginning of his Knicks career, Carmelo was criticized for the way he arrived in the Big Apple (blockbuster, three-team trade instead of ...

Phil: Melo no longer 'Mr. Do It All' for Knicks
LAS VEGAS -- Re-signing Carmelo Anthony was the first step in a series of moves the New York Knicks need to become competitive once again. Still, Phil Jackson’s team is a long way away from building a championship roster. No matter what the Knicks do the ...

Melo takes the money to stay home, and there's nothing wrong with that
After his friend LeBron James took less money to go home, Carmelo Anthony decided to take more money to stay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. There was no press conference to win, but James won the essay contest on Friday with a moving ...

On visit, Rockets use pic of Melo in Lin's No. 7
On visit, Rockets use pic of Melo in Lin's No. 7

'Melo Tour,' Miami suspense spice up free agency period
The 'Melo Tour' heads into Day Three on Thursday, the LeBron James and Miami Heat mystery muddles on and a pair of big-name veterans are sparking interest in the NBA free agency market. Carmelo Anthony, after initial stops in Chicago, Houston and Dallas, has Los Angeles next on his itinerary and a meeting with the Lakers as the high-scoring forward weighs the options of signing with a new team ...

It's official: Melo takes Knicks' offer
It's official: Melo takes Knicks' offer

Home is Where the Heart (And a Whole Lot of Money) Is for Melo
It’s easy to say Carmelo went with greed over contending for a ring, but he didn’t necessarily. What Melo did was go to (or stay in) the place that offered him the most and yes, it was many dollars and cents but it wasn’t purely monetary. We all know ...

Brazil's Marcelo Melo has his mind on tennis - and soccer
Philadelphia Freedoms rookie Marcelo Melo is in the midst of a hectic few weeks. He played in four high-pressure men's doubles matches at Wimbledon this week, advancing to the quarterfinals of one of the most important tournaments in the sport.

Jackson: Melo gave Knicks $6 million discount
Jackson: Melo gave Knicks $6 million discount

Knicks, Melo need a second star
After weeks of hand-wringing and speculation, representatives for Carmelo Anthony are currently finalizing negotiations to keep the forward in New York, sources said. The Chicago Bulls and the Houston Rockets have been told by Anthony's representatives to ...

Forget sentiment, Melo-Knicks deal was pure business
There is no pretense attached to this, no feel-good heart-tugging element, and you know something? That’s for the best. This is about business, about cold-blooded and clear-minded commerce. Carmelo Anthony gets the best available deal. The Knicks get the ...

How Derek Fisher Can Best Utilize Carmelo Anthony
Plus, as another ball-handler in the triangle, 'Melo can create better scoring opportunities for his teammates. Last season, Anthony averaged 38.7 minutes per game, but he wasn't fresh as a daisy the full time. While he averaged 8.2 points and a 47.9 field ...

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