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Concordia departs for Genoa
The Costa Concordia is on its way to Genoa, where the ruined cruise ship will be dismantled two-and-a-half years after it struck a rock and partly capsized off Giglio Island in Italy. Salvage teams that have been working since then to remove the ship from ...

Genoa's Kyle and David Nutter reunite at Malone College
David Nutter finds room to run against Bishop Ready for Genoa. Nutter will play football with his brother at Malone University. / Doug Hise/News Herald correspondent

Shipwrecked Concordia making final voyage off isle
After more than two years since it slammed into a reef along the coastline of Isola del Giglio the wreck has begun its last journey, to the Italian port of Genoa, where it will be scrapped. 32 people died in the incident. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia ...

Costa Concordia begins final voyage toward Genoa scrapyard (PHOTOS)
Two tugboats on Wednesday began towing the rusty hulk from just outside the port of Giglio, Italy, to Genoa, where it will be broken down for scrap. Onlookers gathered on Giglio's shores to watch the once-gleaming luxury liner's funeral cruise get underway ...

Costa Concordia towed away to Genoa
The wrecked Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, is being towed on its final journey to the port of Genoa for scrapping. Its removal is one of the biggest ever maritime salvage operations. The Concordia struck a reef off the Italian island of Giglio in January 2012 and capsized, killing 32 people. It was re-floated...  [Read More...]

Costa Concordia leaving wreck site to be towed to Genoa
The wreckage of the Italian cruise ship the Costa Concordia is being towed to its home port of Genoa on Wednesday morning to be scrapped. The towing operation from the island where it sank was delayed in recent days by rough seas. Over the previous week it ...

Italy's sunken ship towed away
Rome, July 24 (IANS) The wreck of Costa Concordia luxury cruise liner left the Italian island of Giglio and began its final journey towards the port of Genoa Wednesday, where it will be dismantled. "This is a big day for Giglio Island and its people. As for us, we will really relax only when the ship has reached its final destination in Genoa," senior salvage master Nick Sloane said. Then, a ...

Costa Concordia on final voyage to scrapyard
Ship is being taken to Genoa for scrapping, more than two years after it crashed and sank off Giglio, killing 32 people.

Costa Concordia heads to Italy for scrapping
The heavily damaged former cruise ship is expected to arrive in Genoa during the weekend. At about 11 a.m. Wednesday (Central European time zone) the Costa Concordia began its final voyage, a trip to Genoa, Italy, for scrapping, towed at an average speed of 2 knots.

Matri: This Genoa team has the desire to do well
New Genoa signing Alessandro Matri admits that he’s happy to have joined the Rossoblu this summer and will be looking to help his team do well during the upcoming season. “The president has repeatedly expressed his appreciation and respect for me and I ...

Costa Concordia Sets Sail For Genoa With Convoy Of Vessels
The Costa Concordia set sail for Genoa, Italy on Wednesday with a convoy of more than a dozen smaller vessels. The massive cruise liner will sail at just two knots per hour on its final 200-mile journey to reduce the stress on its damaged hull. It is ...

Costa Concordia out at sea with her ‘armada’ of support boats
Cruise ship sets off on last voyage from Giglio to Genoa two years after it shipwrecked

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