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LINKS - All the latest football press, news and gossip from around the league. NFL and college reports round-ups, match reports, standings, and competitions.

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Football Patriots
Get the latest Patriots football news, scores, stats, standings.

AFC Football
AFC football means NFL excellence, as you watch the AFC Championship won by the best of this year's very talented conference. Football betting on AFC teams was hot and profitable this season, so visit here to get the scores, results, tips, and stats on teams and players. Peyton Manning, Colts, Steelers, Cardinals, super bowl 43 info; place your Super Bowl XLIII bets with a reliable online sportsbook. You can read sportsbook reviews for recommendations. Who now will go to the Pro Bowl? Your fantasy football teams should help you choose; football in AFC -- the American Football Conference -- is bound to continue reeling out the best in the pro football league.

Football Bookmaker
Football Bookmaker information along with betting tips and advice.

College Football NCAA
NCAA College Football information including scores, news, odds, standings, stats, and schedules. Follow your favorite college sports teams and place your bets on the outcome.

Pro Football Facts
NFL pro football facts you might like to know. History of the NFL and the Super Bowl. Pro player bios, personal bests and stats, enough to provide a good background if you're building a fantasy football team, or just a true fan. MVPs through the years, trivia, coaches and their rankings. Also, a general overview of the current standing of pro NFL teams and players now, with insightful expert sports analysis. We're betting you don't know all the facts of pro football, but you can learn enough to make you feel more part of the game. Trends, results, scores.

Football Sports Picks
Football Sports Picks provided by online Sportsbooks, along with information for your sports betting needs.

NFL Odds Line
At NFL Odds Line we offer NFL Vegas odds and all major sports betting lines, along with comprehensive NFL football news, scores, stats, sports betting feeds and all you need to calculate your NFL teams bets. We'll guide you to great online sportsbooks for money line, point spread, 2008 NFL odds for Super Bowl, or any kind of bet on football. NFL rumors, injury reports, the works is what you need to decide while examining the latest NFL betting odds line.

Football Ticket Exchange
NFL and College football ticket exchange. Buy game tickets online for your favorite football teams.

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