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LINKS - All the latest football press, news and gossip from around the league. NFL and college reports round-ups, match reports, standings, and competitions.

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Football News Finder
Find football news sites, football articles, odds, lines, scores and standings.

Fantasy Football Rules
Rules for fantasy football leagues plus news, fantasy player analysis, stats and injury reports.

AFC Football
AFC football means NFL excellence, as you watch the AFC Championship won by the best of this year's very talented conference. Football betting on AFC teams was hot and profitable this season, so visit here to get the scores, results, tips, and stats on teams and players. Peyton Manning, Colts, Steelers, Cardinals, super bowl 43 info; place your Super Bowl XLIII bets with a reliable online sportsbook. You can read sportsbook reviews for recommendations. Who now will go to the Pro Bowl? Your fantasy football teams should help you choose; football in AFC -- the American Football Conference -- is bound to continue reeling out the best in the pro football league.

Football Gambling Links
Links to top sports betting information, picks, odds, NFL and college gambling links.

Fantasy Sports Bets
Fantasy Football Bets. Place fantasy sports bets online. Sports betting on fantasy football is now big business. All fantasy sports betting sites include news, analysis, stats, and injury reports.

Football Parlays
Football parlays odds explained including best parlay odds sportsbooks.

Football Patriots
Get the latest Patriots football news, scores, stats, standings.

Football Odds
NFL League Odds and Official Lines from top sports betting sportsbooks. College Football Odds, Lines & Point Spreads. College football betting sites.

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